Perfectly Located


Rooms and Suites

Enveloped in the lap of nature's breath-taking marvels, your stay with us is one of peace and unmatched privacy and plush comfort. Rooms are appointed keeping in mind the needs of the modern day traveller and luxury that our guests have always been accustomed to.


Each dining space at Mayfair has been designed keeping in mind an overall scintillating experience and gastronomic excellence. From cosy, comfortable spots to refined, fine dining options, at each Mayfair you will find the right restaurant to suit your every occasion.

Meetings & Events

Render the magical Mayfair touch to your events, conferences and meetings. The beautifully detailed convention spaces, banquet halls, conference rooms and meeting lounges speak of sophistication and attention to detail to ensure each event planned with us is a success at every stage.

SPA and Wellness

The soothing ambience at each of the Mayfair Spas will transport you to a world of calm and peace as you relax and have our expert therapists heal, balance and restore your energy.


Vintage charm

We believe in preservation, which is embodied in the specially curated collection of vintage cars, a sign of a luxurious legacy that stays unchanged while its comfort has evolved over the years.


Wings of history

We are proud of being Odia and with great esteem do we house the Aircraft D 185 Twin Beech, A fine flying beast once owned by the Maharaja of Mayurbhanj. The first aircraft to be owned by an Odia, this relic speaks of a time when the Land of Utkal was resplendent with prosperity, the splendour we reflect even today in our hospitality.


Art and Artefacts

In the winding corridors of Mayfair and its palatial walls, you can find beautifully placed art and artefacts. With finely carved sculptures and ornate paintings inspired from the age old history of Odisha when merchants and travelers brought cultural influences from different parts of SouthEast Asia adorning its halls, Mayfair speaks of history wrapped in magnificence.

The impressions of verdance

Mayfair believes that the surrounding nature we have is the true inheritance of ours that needs conservation even as we expand accommodations. Every hotel of Mayfair Group is established around beautiful landmarks of nature that inspire us to coexist with the greenery around us. From lush foliage to clear blue waters and coarse sands, from placid lakes to majestic peaks, Mayfair Hotels revolve around the welcoming shades of nature


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