Welcome To The Steel City Of Odisha

The mineral rich northern stretch of Odisha that is often referred to by its moniker ‘Steel City of Odisha’, is a land of hills and rivers abundant with natural beauty and resources. One of the first cities of Odisha to be industrialized after India’s Independence, Rourkela has held the baton of development and modernization in Odisha since the last 70 years. Ensconced between mighty hills reverberating with sounds of cascading waterfalls and bubbling streams, this city welcomes both business travellers and tourists with open arms.

The Oasis of Calm

MAYFAIR Rourkela stands like a restful oasis in the heart of the city and is one of the best luxury hotels in Rourkela. This business hotel in Rourkela was the first hotel that was established by the Mayfair group. And after all these years, it still stands tall as a shining beacon of elegant luxury and excellent hospitality. Whether it is for business or for pleasure, Mayfair Rourkela is perfect for both family vacations and corporate tours.


Soul Food In The Steel City

MAYFAIR Rourkela houses some of the most welcoming restaurants in the city that score a perfect ten on ambience, hospitality, and taste. Serving food that pleases all of your senses and therefore the cuisine at MAYFAIR is always delicious as well as nutritious.